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Patient Rated Wrist Evaluation – Decision Tree Version

On this website you can fill in the decision tree (DT) version of the Patient Rated Wrist Evaluation (PRWE): the PRWE-DT. The decision tree version of the questionnaire was recently published by Van der Oest et al. in Disability and Rehabilitation in a collaboration between the Erasmus MC, Xpert Clinic, HandtherapieNL, and Western University Canada.  

What is the PRWE?

The PRWE questionnaire is a patient-reported outcome measure (PROM) filled in by patients with hand and wrist complaints to gain insight into the complaints and functioning of the affected area. The questionnaire has been developed by Prof. dr. Joy MacDermid in Canada. More information on the questionnaire and its psychometric properties can be found here.

What is a decision tree version of a questionnaire?

The decision tree version of the PRWE was developed to allow a faster and easier completion of the PRWE. The principle of a decision tree questionnaire is that based on the answers given on a question, the most discerning question is asked next. For example, when a patient answers on a question that the task is easy to perform, the next question will be about a task that most patients find more difficult. This way a score can be calculated with a limited number of questions that is highly similar to the score calculated when all questions were answered.


Using a large dataset of filled in PRWE questionnaires a decision tree was determined for both the sub-scores for pain and function and the total score of the PRWE. All three scores can be calculated by filling in only 6 of the total of 15 questionnaires contained in the questionnaire. To fill in the PRWE-DT, please click ‘next’ on the bottom right of this page.

Terms of use

There are no restrictions for using this instrument. No personal identifiable information will be logged when filling in the questionnaire. Filled in questionnaires will be saved and used for academic purpose only. If you are interested in implementing the PRWE-DT yourself or want the questionnaire in a different language, please contact


The research team at the ErasmusMC, Xpert Clinic, HandtherapyNL and Western University Canada


Instructions for filling in the questionnaire:

The questions on the next pages will help understand how much difficulty you had with your wrist/hand in the past week. You will be describing your average wrist/hand symptoms on a scale of 0-10. Based on your answers a pain, a hand function and a total score will be calculated that you can share with your healthcare professional.

There are 15 questions in this survey.